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Garrus Vakarian ([personal profile] thearchangel) wrote2011-08-28 11:13 pm



Turians don't like the cold. Did I ever mention that?

[Garrus has terrible handwriting. But there it is. He'll be in front of the fire, hating the world and indulging in a brief moment of sulking before picking back up again.]


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[Crude doodle of a nun. Then on the same page a nun with her skirts lifted and a big hairy vagina glaring at Garrus from the paper.]


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. . .

[Please hold.]

Something's wrong with you.


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Was the piece givin' ye stink-eye too much, then?


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This entire conversation is getting to that point.


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I won't be sharin' what I've been drinkin', attitude like that. 'Course, more for me an' all.


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I couldn't drink it anyway.

[Technically, he could, but explaining that isn't going to go anywhere.]