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19 - Action / Text

[Garrus has been conscious nearing 24 hours now. And on his feet, for most of them.]

[This is not exactly unusual for someone coming from his circumstances, but, the reason is -- if not abnormal then, entirely unwelcome. And far too familiar.]

[For the second time in his life, he's woken up to find his commander, the woman he not only owes his life to, but that he idolizes, that he loves... is gone.]

[Needless to say, the entire keep has been scoured from top to bottom. The lakeshore. The forest trails they'd taken together, looking for deer. Everything he could access, he did. But her armor was gone. Her weapons. There'd been no note, nothing saying she'd gone out on an expedition as she had before. She wouldn't be that careless, given what happened the first time.]

[So it's entirely likely that unlucky members of the Keep's populace would run into the turian as he searches.]

[In the end, it turns up nothing.]

[And Garrus finds himself at the bar in the tower -- the place everything started, ironically enough.]

[The writing is short, curt, and hastily scrawled in the journal before he shoves it aside.]

Commander Shepard is MIA.

Send word if seen.

[After a thought, he scratches out the last part. False hope never helped anything.]
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2he wa2 one of the few u2efull people here.
ii'll mii22 her.
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[This reply comes a while after the entry, because Derek had gone out on his own hunt.]

Her scent trail disappears.

[It isn't anything but confirmation of what Garrus likely already knows, but... Derek'd tried.]
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[Right, he's used to talking to people who know about him. He grimaces.]

I have enhanced senses. I can track people.

But I couldn't find her.
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Maybe. Went to a lot of trouble to hide herself, though.

[Yeah, Derek has no idea what he's doing, either.]
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If that's what it is, then she'll be back before long.

[It's fairly obvious from his tone that he doesn't believe that. But Derek's just lost someone, too, so he's not going to call anyone on wanting to stay in denial.]
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[There's a moment, where he considers saying something, maybe 'I'll miss her,' maybe 'sorry,' maybe something with more curse words, but he doesn't. They won't do any good.]

I'll let you know if I pick it up again.
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[Doubtful as she is, Grapple proposed to be an ally of Garrus, and so she's going to look.]

If she's here, we'll find her.

[She knows exactly how he feels.]

Let me know if you need anything.
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Yeah. Never met her... well, not that I know of. But she's recorded things on this video journal... thing.

[Someone's been stalking the everything.]

I know her face well enough for ID.
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Know where she was last seen?
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[Now either those two are close, or that's a bit stalkerish.]

So you know she went in a didn't come out?
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She do anythin' lately? Somethin' that could make someone wanna go after her?
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Got a picture of her?
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A description works then.
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[He's never heard of N7 before but that sounds like something that would stand out.]

If she's here we'll find her.
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S'always worth a try.
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They've come back before.
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Going to sit and dwell on the worst-case scenario?
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Fair. We do have time to spare.
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The training yard has targets for beating.
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Then good luck to you.

[She would offer a target that can fight back, but today isn't really Nel's day for presenting herself to strangers in that manner.]