thearchangel: (Waldo you crafty bastard)
Garrus Vakarian ([personal profile] thearchangel) wrote2012-03-24 02:03 am

17 - Action

[Despite the irritation in his last entry, the local vigilante has taken it upon himself to try out the damn rifle anyway. It might not work as he wants it to, but he'll take potshots over losing his edge.]

[Which is why he's standing at the edge of the green, taking careful aim, and firing into one of the topiary shrubs. He's aiming for the central trunk, to avoid grazing the thing and hitting someone walking along behind it.]

[... between the sharp cracks of rifle fire, his head bobs in a rhythm. Almost like...]

[Okay, yes. Garrus has his music on.]

[And if you watch him long enough, he might even attempt some semblance of dancing.]

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