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14 - [Audio]

[And, once more, the distinctive 'echoing' quality to Garrus' voice is absent. It sounds pretty flat, by comparison.]

[Garrus himself just sounds sort of... tired. Maybe it's due to stress, or just... plain old resignation.]

Are we really doing this again...? I mean, come on. Wasn't once enough?
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Garrus, got a big problem. Need you here ASAP.
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[Shepard sounds remarkably stable for somebody who woke up without any eyes. Then again, she's pouring her entire reservoir of focus and self-control to not wig out.]

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[Shepard keeps her butt on the bed. It's good to have something solid, comfortable, and familiar under you for support when you went from a fully functional human being to somebody who literally does not have eyeballs in her head.

When she can hear scuffling outside, she stands up slowly and carefully. Shepard touches the ornate mask covering her eyeless sockets lightly, then rests a hand on the doorknob.]

Garrus, that you?
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Mostly? Yep.

[She tugs the door open, keeping one hand higher on the edge of it to make sure she doesn't smack herself in the face. Her chin tilts at where she thinks she heard his voice originating from, jerking it to indicate that he enter.]
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[Her shoulders lift and fall, far more casual than the knot of anxiety in her gut would have Shepard be. She knows better. SHE is in control.]

No idea. I'm guessing it's decorative, though. I'm blind.

[To illustrate how far the level of 'blind' goes, she takes a hand off the door to slide the mask up on her forehead. The eye sockets are still there, but they're as smooth and eyeball-less as her cheeks.]
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[Shepard takes in steady, easy breaths, letting herself against common sense to imagine the look on his face. He sounds human again, but it's the turian she sees.

In a manner of speaking.]

I don't know, Garrus. I woke up and I couldn't open my eyes. Then I realized that was because I didn't have any. Go figure, huh?

[Her voice is quiet-calm and smooth, joking, because she will fake it until she damn well makes it. Shepard slides the mask back on and turns toward him, jaw set.]
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[If she had eyes, right now she would close them. Shepard has to settle for subconsciously softening the line of tension in her jaw, reaching for his hand, finding Garrus' knuckles and touching them hesitantly.

When she'd suffocated, out there in the great vacuum of space, the first thing to go had been her vision. Even then it wasn't this yawning absence of light or sensation; it had been stars of her very own, exploding and winking out while air escaped her suit's reserves.

It's hard not to think of that, and her grip tightens anxiously around the curve of his hand. She turns her head slightly to press her lips into his palm, dry but urgent.]
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I hope you wouldn't say that in Grunt's hearing.

[That sure was a kiss, Garrus, you guessed right.

She can recognize comfort when it's offered, and she is not the type of fool to refuse in order to save face. Besides the point, she kinda maxed the vulnerability meter when she asked to see him while blinder than an eyeless bat and without the benefit of superior hearing.

What evolutionary purpose this serves, she won't presume to know.

The commander is still for a moment, quietly appreciating his presence. Then she thinks- aw, hell, why not? And re-angles herself to brush her mouth past his, inquisitive.]
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[Shepard smiles crookedly, breaking contact for a second to laugh a little.]

A for effort, Vakarian. Don't worry too much about it.

[This is something best illustrated through action, not verbal direction. Her next go is soft, uninvasive, until she takes his lower lip between her teeth in a gentle nip.]
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[At least she doesn't have a three-pronged tongue. That would make this new venture a bit more challenging and probably a dozen times more awkward.

Shepard stops again, not quite moving away so as to murmur into his mouth:]
Not okay?
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[She grins a little bit at that, letting their heads rest against each other again in what she's pretty sure is the turian version of a kiss. And Shepard is okay with that. The intent communicates well.]

Okay, then.

[A thumb traces underneath his jawline in silent revelry.]
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[The next time they get this chance, it might be with the threat of anaphylaxis hanging over them. There may not even be another chance.

So she's blind and Garrus is human. He's offering and so is she. She can still show him how, and he's a fast learner, more so when the stakes are higher. Her fingers tangle through a mane of hair that she can dimly remember being brown so long ago, during another trick of the Keep. A low, pleased noise slides out of her throat.

But she breaks off-- only to press her lips here, on his chin, and there, next to his ear, and finally right there in the middle of his scar.]
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[She doesn't need eyes to know what's wrong.

But it is fairly difficult to discourage him from doing what he decides to do, and it would be a dirty lie to say Shepard isn't enjoying it to the nth degree. Eventually she takes ahold of him by the unscarred cheek, minding her grip automatically even though she no longer has cyborg strength.]

Garrus, hey-- [To his credit, she needs a second to form a coherent sentence.] --Just let me say I care about you. All of you. Not certain parts to the exclusion of others, all of you. That includes any mistakes you feel you've made. Trust me on that.

[She can't look at him, but Shepard can explore his body with careful, inquisitive fingertips to commit it to memory, avoiding the scarred half of his face until he gives the go-ahead.]

You might be human now, but all that means to me is that we don't have to be extra careful. Remember that we talked about this first as a turian and a human, and I wouldn't have it any other way or think to change who you are.
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[Shepard smiles, light and quick and open.]

Yeah, I remember.

[Ingrained habit of weighing the pros and cons of every action before she takes it briefly interrupts the nice little vacation she very dearly wants to take.

Pros of taking this further: the obvious stress relief that they both could use, honestly. Mutual attraction, mutual trust coming to a head. A distraction and a way to prove that neither of them will allow something like an impromptu transformation to interfere with how they feel or taking action.

That list goes on. The cons are considerably fewer. Yes, Shepard is blind, but she can hear, taste, and feel just as well as she had the day prior. So can he.

And with their terms already laid out on the table, nothing else can really stop them.]

Ready if you are, soldier.