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10 - Action / Open

['Keeping to himself' was an understatement.]

[Garrus had, for all intents and purposes, dropped off the grid entirely. He was good at that. He'd done it once before -- and here, where there was nothing in the way of electronic paper trails, it was incredibly simple.]

[Just make sure you weren't seen, keep your journal shut, and there you go.]

[Ever since regaining his memories, he'd done just that. He was embarrassed, revolted. He'd failed his commander in the biggest way possible. He'd let Shepard down. Of all the things he'd done while crazed and infected, that was by far the worst. He couldn't face her. Not right now.]

[Right now, he's found his way to the thermal pools. To a turian, the heated water is probably one of the best things ever. He'd peeled off his armor, the clingy bits of fabric protection underneath, and just sank into the pools.]

[A good place to brood, and not freeze his alien balls off. Besides -- scales don't get wrinkly when they're in the water for too long.]


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Zachariah is sneaking back to the thermal pools for a chance to have a dip. Something like that has got to be good for his healing bones but he rather not be caught with his pants around his ankles, literally. Hopefully no one would be there. Unfortunately he just isn't that lucky. Someone is there, a very familiar someone. It's the same someone who tried eating off his face not too long ago.

Zachariah freezes. He still doesn't know whether that thins was only infected or if it was something else completely. If he was in better shape he might just ask, but he's not. Right now he's injured and being far more careful than he normally is so instead he's going to try to hide.


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[He doesn't really notice. Not at first. He's trying to crane his head enough to examine his scars in the water. It's not really successful. Eventually, he gives up...]

[And that's when the human's attempt to hide catches his attention. Garrus jumps, his head snapping around and one hand subconsciously going for a weapon... that isn't there.]


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[Zachariah hears movement and swears to himself silently. It must have seen him. He wonders briefly if he can outrun it since he doesn't have much of a chance of fighting it off. Too bad his pistol only fires pellets...and is completely out of ammo. He really, really needs to stop wondering off without backup.

For now he looks for something that he might be able to use as a weapon. All he can find though is a stick. Not choice weaponry but hey, it's something at least. He doesn't move from his hiding spot though. Maybe if he stays quiet long enough it will just lose interest and he can sneak off.]

action GOD SHANE

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[Garrus sits very still in the water. Whoever is over there doesn't seem to want to come any closer. Which doesn't bode well. He's unarmed, and his armor is well out of reach.]

[Well then. There's one option.]

Who's there?

action I'm sorry ;A;

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[It talked. It can talk? So it's not a crazy man-eating monster thing?

Zachariah pokes his head out to look at it. He still doesn't exactly trust it.]

You can talk?

[Because that hasn't been established already.]

action You should be

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[Garrus doesn't leave the water, but he does glance around for something resembling a weapon. Even so... he can't help but tilt his head skeptically at that question.]

Isn't that kind of a stupid question to ask, given the conversation?

action I'll never be able to forgive myself

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[Thank all that's holy for that. Riah doesn't want to get an eyeful of alien balls.

It (he?) seems to be looking for something. Is he going attack after all?]

Well, you weren't exactly talkative the first time we met.

[You kind of tried to eat him after all.]

action You should try harder

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[He doesn't move any further. The weapons and armor are well out of his reach. Straining for them is just going to put him in an awkward position.]

[Except... to drop his face into his hands.]

... Not exactly my choice.

action I will do my best not to disappoint again

[identity profile] 2011-09-28 06:19 am (UTC)(link) were infected?

[And you're not going to try and eat him?]

action Good boy B)

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... Yeah. Something like that.

[It's a definite 'yes', from the way he refuses to pull his face out of his hands.]


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So you won't try to eat me then?

[This part is really important Garrus.]


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[He looks up, then, and rolls his eyes slightly.]

I'm turian. Even if I wanted to, and I don't, I couldn't.


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[Zachariah breathes a sigh of relief and steps out from his hiding place dropping his stick. Although with his arm still in a sling and his ribs still healing there probably isn't much he could have done with it.]

Okay well, I don't know what that is but I'm just going to take your word for it.


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[After the human steps out, Garrus falls quiet, noting the sling, the way the other man moves. Injured. Not surprise. Then, he sort of gestures to himself.]

My people. If any of us tried ingesting anything from your planet, let alone you, it'd probably kill us quicker than a gun to the head.

[Probably. Some just got violently sick. But it's true enough, for the most part.]


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[Despite being out on the open he doesn't look directly at the Turian guy because, well, Zachariah is pretty sure he's naked.]


[That makes sense he guesses. What are the chances that an alien would eat the same kind of food?]

Glad you didn't take a bite out of me then.


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[He drops his gaze at that, studying the water instead. Honestly, he's ducked down far enough in the water already that he figures everything's well-covered.]

... Yeah. Guess that's something.


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[He might be covered but Zachariah still isn't about to look if he doesn't have to. Hell he trusts Abeni more than anyone here and he still won't look at her when she's undressed.]

Not like you killed me either so uh...don't uh, don't worry about.

[That is if this guy even cares.]


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[To that, Garrus scrubs a hand over his face, shutting his eyes.]

[He let Shepard down. Lost his mind, and tried to kill this stranger. Yeah, he cares. He's utterly humiliated.]

... Sure. Who's worried?


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Um, no one I guess.

[Without really knowing this guy Zachariah can't tell if this guy really doesn't care or he just doesn't want to talk about. Either way Zachariah forgave him. His work here is done.]