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8 - Action

[He's not worried.]

[Being worried would imply that the object of his concern couldn't take care of themselves. And nothing could be further from the truth. The other missing parties came back perfectly fine, there's no reason to assume the commander would be the sole exception.]

[But he hasn't stopped looking. Checking the place they crawled out of before -- the hole in the clothier's tower -- hunting through the keep for any place someone might be held, or something that might prove distracting. It's all futile, and somewhere along the line, he realizes he's out of the little wafers the keep's medic handed him.]

[And he... has been. For a while.]

[So he puts his plans on hold for the moment -- he'll trek his way out to the forest, and the secluded theatre later -- and makes his way to the infirmary.]

[He knocks, and waits.]

((ooc: Anyone can bump into him at any point! Before the infirmary, after, whenever!))
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[Sycora takes a minute to get to the door. When it opens, she looks... just a little tired, but not out of the ordinary. The infirmary is in good condition, if slightly dusty.

Garrus gets a quick up-and-down look, to make sure he's not any kind of wounded. Once Sycora is certain he's mostly well (as there must be some reason he's here), she smiles.]

Vakarian. Hello. What can I do for you?

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[He's actually surprised she's here. The staff has been nothing short of scarce lately.]

I uh... ran out of supplies.
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Ah, right, right.

[Sycora steps back and motions for Garrus to follow her in.]

How long have you been out?

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[He nods, and steps inside, one hand idly picking at his scars.]

A while, I think. I've... been sort of distracted.
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And I'm guessing you haven't been eating for just as long.

[Since you're, you know, not dead or anything.]

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Yeah. Pretty much.

[He's been distracted. Severely distracted.]
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[Sycora disappears through a door and spends a minute searching. Then, she comes back, a small box in hand.]

Here. I had them ready a while ago. Sorry, I should have gotten them to you sooner.

[You weren't the only distracted one, Garrus.]

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[He tilts his head, noting that door... just in case he ever needs to come in, and she's not around, of course.]

You and the other staff seemed a little... preoccupied lately.

[And by that he means, "you guys went poof".]
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[Sycora smiles, though it has a slight edge to it.]

When you're working in the Keep of keeps, you get a little busy.

[She offers the box up.]

This is another month's supply.

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Keep of keeps? That's a new one.

[He nods slightly, and accepts it.]

Appreciate it.
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[Sycora nods in return.]

It's no trouble. I'm sorry you can't stockpile them, but even medicine expires.

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[He tilts his head at that.]

So... I'm going to take a guess and say that if I ask you anything about what the staff was busy doing, I won't get an answer.
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[With a quirk of her lip, Sycora tilts her head forward.]

Depends on the question. Ask, and we'll see.

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The dust storm. Everyone pretty much vanished right after it happened -- mostly the staff.

Where did you all go?
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We had business below. We don't open those tunnels up every day, you know.
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[Sycora drums her fingers against her leg, just once.]

Now, you're heading into classified territory. Try something else.
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[Now, she folds her arms and purses her lips in thought. Garrus is on the receiving end of a near-appraising stare.

A few seconds pass.

Then, she relents.]

We were looking for someone.

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[He should be used to it, considering how often he was on the end of Chakwas' stare.]

[Even so, he ducks his head to pick at his scars. Until she answers.]

Asking "who" isn't going to get me anywhere. Is it?
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[It's not the scars she's looking at, interesting though they may be.]

Afraid not, Vakarian. That's all I'll say about that.

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[He automatically assumes that's what she's looking at.]

Who's really going to know if you let something slip?
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You, for one. Whoever you tell. Whoever they tell. Information spreads as quickly as disease.

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I don't have to say where I got my information.
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[Sycora eyes Garrus for another moment, then...]

A young woman. Missing for some time.

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[He tilts his head.]

... The same one we heard about when we first showed up?

[The memory is vague, but it's there, all the same.]
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Yes, [Sycora replies with a nod.] The very same.

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And she's important. Otherwise you might have just given her up for lost... like some of the people who showed up here originally.
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[Sycora smirks.]

Well, you have it all figured out, don't you?

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Not all of it. Just a few things.
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[She grins and sets one hand on her hip.]

And is that going to be all?

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Not quite.

... What happens if you don't find her?
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[That question sobers Sycora, just a little.]

Then we keep looking until we do. And we will find her.

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All right. But what if you don't?
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You'll see.

[Ominous words, perhaps, but not delivered in any sort of ominous tone. Sycora states it simply, as it if were merely a fact.]

I'm not worried. She can't stay missing forever.

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[Missing. Not 'ran off'. Implies that no one knows what happened to the girl. And thus makes him more curious.]

No one knows where she went? Or how she... got out?

[Maybe she was being kept somewhere, maybe not. If he asks like that, maybe he'll find out.]
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If we knew where she's gone, she wouldn't be missing.

But we've got ideas.

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What if one of us finds her first?
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Then you don't engage her and you alert us.

If you have to engage her, keep your guard up. She's dangerous.

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Dangerous like how? What's she capable of?
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Think about it this way: someone who's lost everything is afraid of nothing. She's dangerous in ways you can only dream of.

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Pretty sure I can do a little better than dreaming.

[Omega, after all, hadn't been a stranger to those types.]
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With any luck, you won't have to.

[A short sigh, then she tilts her head just slightly to the side.]

Is that all you needed?
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Then I'll see you next time you need more medicine. Or whenever you're mortally wounded - you know, whichever comes first.

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Let's... hope it isn't the latter.
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Yeah. Try to keep safe.

[After all, she likes you.]