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7 - Audio

So how many people are we missing?

And just how long have they been gone?

I think it's time we went looking for them. All of them.


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[Zhaneel reads and listens and has been paying close attention to the goings on of the Keep. Needless to say, after Isabella's earlier entry, she is a bit concerned.

Her voice is soft, but the concern is fairly evident.

Do these disappearances happen often?

[A moments' pause before she continues.]

I would be more than willing to assist in locating them .. I have acted as a scout for nearly my entire life.

[There .. the offer had been made and she couldn't take it back. The least she could do was offer to help, right? It was better than hiding on the Keep walls. She wasn't completely useless ..]


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Yeah. They do. Usually just one or two people, but... this is new.

A scout? You're military?
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[Zhaneel's ears pin back before flicking forward again. If the disappearances were regular, then perhaps people showed up regularly too? Not that there was anyone that would be particularly elated to find her here. This thought flattens her ear tufts again and she forces herself to focus on the military aspect.]

Aye .. I serve the Sixth Wing of Urtho's Army. I have been scouting since I was old enough to work the courses. No one can fly higher or faster than I can.

[She has a brief moment of feather fluffing at this. It was not boasting, but simple facts; he asked and she answered.]


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I guess I can't say no to another...

... wait, fly? You're a pilot?
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[Time for another amazing game of: 'WORDS ZHANEEL DOESN'T KNOW!!' YAYYY!]

I do fly, yes .. but I do not know what a pilot is ..


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Someone who drives the ship, for lack of a better word. Or shuttle. Plane. Something that flies.
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[Zhaneel is perplexed, but onward she plunges.]

Ah .. no, then I am not a pilot .. I am a gryphon .. I myself am capable of flight.

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:33 < sollux is missing but i dont know for long

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Where did you see him last?

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:33 < in the barracks?

:33 < but i cant be pawsitive

:33 < it was a while ago

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Someone else just said he was headed there, when they saw him last. I don't know if that's helpful or not.

... not yet.

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Sollux has been missing since before the storm died down and we were able to go outside, sir.

[Yep. Chewin' on those feelings of something bad happened. ]

I don't know which day it was. They ran together... And, there's the staff. Or at least some of them? I haven't seen Sycora around for a long time. Or Dos - and that was before the storm.

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I noticed the staff's had their mouths shut for a while now. Not that I'm entirely surprised.

Was he going anywhere in particular the last day you saw him?

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I can't blame them... the staff. Not after, what happened on the Green.

[That'll stick with her for awhile yet.]

Sollux, was just headed back to the barracks? I thought... I'm sorry, sir. I wish I was more helpful.

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I think it's suspicious. One storm and they vanish.

... All right, well. Just keep an eye out, I guess.