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Garrus Vakarian ([personal profile] thearchangel) wrote2011-07-10 03:49 pm

6 - Audio / Action

[The recording takes place over several long minutes.]

Looks like it's clearing up out there, Shepard. Did you want to head out and take a look?

[And cue the time lapse. When no response comes after a while, Garrus tries again.]


[Not getting any response, Garrus takes it upon himself to go stalk Shepard's room. Maybe she's in there... and sleeping. Or ignoring the journals altogether.]

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[chillin' like a villain

also kind of trapped underground

how you doin'?]

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[Oh. You know.]

[Just wondering where the hell you went. Did you even leave a note.]

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[Sorry, that would be too convenient.

She's a BioWare protag. You know how it is.]

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[Damn you Bioware protagonists and your getting into shit.]