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20 - Audio

Probably a belated update, but, it is what it is.

Everyone made it out of there, everyone that was with Albel -- except him. Haven't heard from him since he got his arms torn off.

And I'm not even sure we got anything out of that adventure. There was a kid painting with blood, a locked morgue drawer, and a madman with a tattoo the kid was calling "Lord".

Not much else to say about it.
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Mind tellin' us what happened to the kid and the "Lord".
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Now I'm not that great with kids, but I don't think leavin' one behind is what I'd call a good idea. Even if she might out of her mind.

Well there's some good news then.
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[Audio] Let's just pretend Reese didn't say "her" since Garrus did not specify :|b

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Why? What did the kid do?
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[Audio] I don't even know where I am right now

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Now I'm perfectly willing to admit that the kid might be psychotic, but do ya actually have evidence that she's a danger?

[Sorry Garrus, he still needs some kind of evidence before he condemns someone.]

Hell, these people could have done somethin' to her to make her like that.
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[Audio] it's a mystery to everyone

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Ya know ya never mentioned anything about casualties, and I'm only tryin' to get a better idea of what's goin' on down there. Yer details aren't too detailed.
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Fella, I've only been here a few months and I know tryin' to make sense out of this place is a bad idea.

And I'm sorry fer what happened to yer friends down there.